Chronic Kidney Disease

The T Cell Modulator “educates” or “activates” immature immune cells in a specific way. This helps provide the immune system with a plan of action, all the while accelerating foreign body recognition. T Cell Modulator is described in part as a small polypeptide-chain, small enough not to be perceived as a threat by the immune system, but with specific properties that help it bind to TLR2 and TLR4 receptors found in immune cells.

How does T-Cell Modulator work for Chronic Kidney Disease patients ?

In binding to TLR receptors, T Cell Modulator has the ability to modulate (up or down regulate) specific immune system activities, which can be attributed to the immune system dysfunction, as is the case in immune-mediated CKD. T Cell Modulator also offers important support, specifically in combating chronic inflammation and consequently tissue degeneration.

In regulating immune activity by directly influencing cell activity, as well as binding to TLR2 and TLR4 receptors, T Cell Modulator directs the body’s immune activity in order to more actively and efficiently combat infection, all the while reducing the risk and incidence of sepsis and opportunistic infection.

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