Stem Cells

Stem Cells are by definition immature cells that have not yet changed (or differentiated) to become a specific cell type and have the remarkable potential to turn themselves into almost any cell type or tissue in the body, which means that they can heal or repair damage to organs and tissue. Research tracking the activity of stem cells has found that the body sends out signals to release more cells if a body part is damaged, followed by releasing a compound to act as beacon to attract the stem cells to the affected area. Every day we heal ourselves without even knowing it but we don't always have enough stem cells to do the job.

In our stem cell treatment we give a helping hand by placing several millions stem cells in the patient's blood, allowing them to do the job they are best suited for, find the damaged area and either become new tissue or repair it. Depending on the condition that is treated we will place the cells into the blood stream or we may implant the cells directly at the damaged site.

We currently offer two specifically designed therapies which have shown great success. Both of these therapies have been reviewed and validated by independent review boards, authorized by the mexican government's equivalent of the FDA (COFEPRIS), and have proven to be effective beyond our expectations. One in particular, our congestive heart failure protocol, has already won two national awards for research in cardiology, due in large part to the extent of repair that was achieved, surpassing all expectations.

We offer a variety of customizable programs to meet our patient's specific needs.

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