Scientific Advisory Board

The Regenerative Medicine Institute, Mexico, Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is made up of physicians, scientists and other health professionals and provides advice and guidance to the RMI activities related to medicine and health. The duties of the RMI Scientific Advisory Board include:

Reviewing and approving documents and educational materials submitted by RMI staff to assure accuracy, validity and the non-biased nature of its content.

Overseeing the RMI scientific publications and providing guidance regarding their overall direction and position within the scientific community.

Overseeing the RMI research program and professional education activities.

  • Keith March, M.D., Ph.D. Professor, Departments of Medicine, Cellular and Integrative Physiology, and Biomedical Engineering, Indiana University School of Medicine and the Krannert Institute of Cardiology Director, Indiana Center for Vascular Biology & Medicine (ICVBM) Director, IUPUI Vascular and Cardiac Center of Adult Stem Cell Therapy (VC-CAST) Director, Center for Regenerative Medicine
  • Kristin Comella Chief Scientific Officer, Bioheart
  • Ron Rothenberg, M.D., F.A.C.E.P. Director and Founder of the California HealthSpan Institute in Encinitas, California
  • Omar Barakat, M.D., F.R.C.S. Liver Transplant Department, St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital, Houston, Texas
  • Dr. Sharon McQuillan Founder and Medical Director, Ageless Aesthetic Institute, Weston, FL USA
  • Boris Minev, Ph.D. Resident scientist, Cancer and Solid Tumor Center, Therapeutic Programs Scripps Research Institute
  • Feng Lin Ph.D. Immunology department Lerner Clinic Research Institute Cleveland
  • DoruT. Alexandrescu, M.D. Ph.D. Certified Oncologist, Internal Medicine, Hematology, University of California San Diego
  • Bradley Messmer, Ph.D. Project lead, UCSD, Scripps Research Institute Cancer center and Hematology department
  • Thomas Ichim Ph.D. PHD in Inmunology with more than 20 years in research, Cancer treatment and vaccine research


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