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It is a group of more than one hundred distinct and different illnesses that all begin with cellular abnormalities. The Regenerative Medicine Institute offers cancer solutions drawn from our newest, evidence-based immuno


Our proprietary T Cell Modulator, is a leucocyte extract described as a complex molecule whose purpose is to regulate immune function by controlling the production of signaling substances (either increasing or decreasing) and influencing immune cell activity.

Our T-Cell Modulator stimulates T cells to produce higher or lower concentrations of specific interleukins, cytokines and other substances and by doing so directing the activity of natural killer cells, T- cells, B- cells and other immune cells to perform specific functions tailored to the needs of our patients.


Dendritic Cell (DC) therapy represents a new and promising immunotherapeutic approach for treatment of advanced cancer as well as for prevention of cancer. For decades, cancer researchers have been interested in immunologic treatments against cancer, recent advances lead to successful implementation of Dendritic Cell therapy with reports of complete responses even in stage IV cancer patients who have failed all other therapies. Dendritic Cell (DC) Therapy is a newly emerging and potent form of immune therapy used to treat cancer.

Immune cellular therapy is the most advanced therapy of its kind, throughout the extraction, manipulation and culture of a specific linage of cells from the immune system (white blood cells) it is now possible to provide a high concentration of a particular cell line, such a Dendritic cells. These cells improve, enhance, reinforce and balance the immune response needed to fight disease. Their proven uses array from autoimmune disorders, chronic infections and HIV to Cancer.

Dying tumor cells mobilize at least three types of signals when interacting with Dendritic Cells, including 'find me', 'eat me' and 'do not eat me' signals. Our technique utilizes the 'find me' and ‘eat me’ signals that serve as markers for recognizing dying cells, and trains the Dendritic Cells to seek out and destroy tumor cells.


Dendritic cells (DCs) represent unique antigen-producing cells capable of sensitizing T cells to both new and recall antigens. In fact, these cells are the most potent antigen-producing cells. The goal of DC based cancer immunotherapy is to use the cells to prime specific antitumor immunity through the generation of effector cells that attack and lyse tumors.

Leukocytes (white blood cells) play a key role in the immune system. They include macrophages, neutrophils and natural killer cells.

Some group of these cells patrol the body seeking foreign agents, diseased and damaged cells to destroy. (In non specific defense)
Others, called lymphocytes work against specific threats. Example of lymphocytes are: B cells that make antibodies, which bind to and mark the foreign invaders or abnormal cells for destruction. Cytotoxic T cells that kill the foreign agents and abnormal cells by causing apoptosis.
Helper T cells and dendritic cell help out by activating B cells and killer T cells.


For cancer patients the combination of TCM (T-Cell Modulator) with Dendritic Cell therapy provide a synergistic effect that both lays the ground work for optimal cell response and trains the immune system to perform a specific function in tumor cell recognition and destructions, specifically when delivered via IV in order to ensure the systemic spread of the treatment.

T Cell Modulator does not have direct cytotoxic or cytostatic effects. Instead it works indirectly by activating TLR4 (interleukin) receptors in dendritic cells, which then mature and become specific. This causes them to produce CD80 and CD86, which stimulates TH1 (helper) and TH2 (regulator) cells. These activated TH1 cells produce IL-2 and stimulate the activity of NK (Natural Killer) and NKT (Natural Killer cells), both of which produce high concentrations of Interferon Gamma. NKT also produce IL-4 (interleukin) and regulate IL-12.

Interferon Gamma causes a cessation of production of blood vessels within tumors, causing their cells to slowly die off and become antigenic. When this happens NK cells will find and digest these dead tumor cells. While this is happening, activated NKT cells attack the tumor directly. The combination of these activities completely destroys tumors, while IL4 produced by both activated NKT and TH2 cells will stop IL12 from potentially producing any adverse events in the body.

Dendritic cells have the potential to overcome tumor tolerance and induce anti-tumor immunity. The addition of T Modulator accelerates the maturation and specificity of dendritic cells, thereby increasing and amplifying this capability, speeding up the process and making it more efficient and effective.

We offer a variety of customizable programs to meet our patient’s specific needs, please CONTACT US for a free phone consultation with one of our Doctors.

We offer a variety of customizable programs to meet our patient's specific needs.

Please Contact Us for a free phone consultation with one of our doctor's.


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