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Pants on Fire

You know what I hate about liars?  I hate that they believe that they’re brighter than the rest of us.  In fact, they’re pretty sure that we’re never going to figure them out, and that’s what makes them so cocky.

There’s a blogger who regularly posts about how terrible stem cells are.  He chooses one clinic at a time and blasts them to smithereens.  Presenting himself as a medical expert, he annihilates stem cell researchers and physicians, and generally spends his days scaring people off.

The problem is, this guy is no expert.  In fact, he’s a former truck driver with no medical background to speak of.  He’s been hired by a pharmaceutical company to make people believe that stem cells will harm you.   That’s right; the very people intent upon creating stem cells just like yours in the lab and selling them back to you have hired a former truck driver to spread the word.

I watched for months as this guy assassinated the characters of just about anyone who is important in the study of stem cells.  Fortunately, some very bright people took notice of his blog, figured out who he was, who he was being paid by, and began writing about him.  While I’ve enjoyed reading every dirty piece about this guy, I’m not sure everything that’s being said  is 100 percent true.

And that’s the problem with being a liar.  Once you are found out, people stop respecting your rights.  You can’t very well defend yourself by saying, “That’s not true!” because you’ve lost the moral authority to demand the truth.

I do believe that if I were this particular blogger, I would find another career.



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